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Thank you all for your support and participation in making Bathukamma 2018 Celebration a GRAND SUCCESS!!

We hope you all had wonderful time!!!
Around 300 people attended the event. Thank you all for your support.
Special thanks to Sponsors, Decoration team (Awesome Decoration), Food team (Excellent food), Kolatam dance coordination team (Excellent), Youth volunteers, Audience, Participants, Committee members, Volunteers, and their families!!!
Special thanks to the team that coordinated with all the ladies and created Main community Bathukamma (it was awesome) and Small Community Bathukamma (it was cute). Thanks to all the community members that brought Bathukammas (they were beautiful). Thanks to all the kids that brought Bathukammas (There were more than 25 of them). They are very cute.
You all made the evening more colorful. Awesome energy from ladies that participated in the dance. Kudos to all the ladies, men, kids, youth and the coordinating team.